Your endowment allows the Foundation to continue supporting the school’s mission of providing a high-quality free public education to students in the City of Santa Cruz.

Pacific Collegiate School Endowment

(What it means to give forever!)

What is an Endowment? An Endowment is an investment fund established by a Foundation which makes consistent withdrawals of revenue generated by the invested capital. Endowments are basically a pool of philanthropic gifts of varying amounts that are invested in perpetuity, while the investment income is available for distribution to the target organization on an annual basis. In the case of the Pacific Collegiate School Endowment, the sole target organization is Pacific Collegiate School.

How is an Endowment Managed? Philanthropic donations made to an Endowment are invested in a secure investment fund which is managed by professional fund manager and supervised by an oversight committee. In the case of the Pacific Collegiate School Endowment, the oversight committee is made up of two members of the Pacific Collegiate Foundation Board, two members of the Pacific Collegiate School Board, and one community member. This committee is tasked with monitoring and managing the investment fund on a quarterly basis to ensure it remains stable and productive.

How is the Investment Income Allocated? Although the Pacific Collegiate Foundation manages the Endowment, the annual allocation of the investment income is determined by the Pacific Collegiate School Board of Directors. Upon receiving the annual investment income, the Pacific Collegiate School Board of Directors determines the priorities for the revenue, which must be aligned with the strategic plan priorities in the areas of teacher excellence, student learning, and innovation.

How is the Endowment different from the Annual Fund? Like all Public schools, Pacific Collegiate School receives revenue from the State of California. As a Public Charter School Pacific Collegiate has additional overhead costs that are not funded by the state. The Annual Fund is the campaign that raises the additional operating revenue Pacific Collegiate School needs on an annual basis to sustain its small class sizes, unique programming, and retention of exceptional faculty and staff. The Endowment is a long-term investment in public education and supports Pacific Collegiate School’s long-term strategic mission of providing a free public college-preparatory education to middle and high school students.

Why is the Endowment important to Pacific Collegiate School? While Pacific Collegiate School has been able to meet its annual financial obligations since it was established, the Endowment was created to ensure long-term financial growth while preserving the donor’s gift in perpetuity. A donation of money or property to the Pacific Collegiate School Endowment fund will allow the Foundation to support the mission and vision of the school well into the future and allow the school board to engage in long-term strategic and financial planning. This additional revenue will not only support the school during state-revenue shortfalls, but it will allow the school to adopt and support a full-range of innovative educational opportunities that will be available over the next decade.

If you attended Pacific Collegiate School, if you had a child, grandchild, or close friend that attended the school, or if you’re simply one of those people who believe in the value of public education, you are part of our community. By donating to the Pacific Collegiate School Endowment, you can express your commitment to public education and have a lasting impact on future generations of middle and high school students. As opportunities in public education change over the years, your donation today will ensure the school has the funding to take advantage of future opportunities.

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