About Pacific Collegiate School

Pacific Collegiate engages and supports every student in inclusive college preparatory learning that ignites curiosity, critical thinking, and innovation, while developing resilient, globally minded, socially responsible changemakers.

Setting the Standard.

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Pacific Collegiate School is an Independent Public Charter School established in 1999 under the California Public Charter Schools Act. The school was founded by local teachers and parents who envisioned a tuition-free rigorous college preparatory experience for local middle and high school students. The school is open to any student in 7th through 12th grade, and consistently ranks among the top schools in the nation.


The school’s mission is to prepare graduates for the rigor of college-level work while celebrating their personal and academic accomplishments in a vibrant and inclusive community of learners. The faculty and staff assist each student in identifying and enrolling at the college that best fits their needs and aspirations, and they assist each student in identifying the tools they will need to thrive at whatever they choose to pursue after graduation.


The school emphasizes small classes, personalized learning, and curriculum which is constantly being reviewed to ensure the school is supporting an international, cross-cultural, and technological approach to learning that the students will need to thrive in the 21st century. The course of study at Pacific Collegiate School focuses on the traditional core curriculum areas of mathematics, English, science, and history as well as additional emphases on foreign languages, fine arts, and community service. At Pacific Collegiate School, it is the expectation that all students will take Advanced Placement (AP) classes in most subjects by the time they are in the 11th and 12th grades; AP classes consequently form an integral part of the basic curriculum.


The current graduation requirements guarantee that every student meets the University of California and California State University entrance requirements and requires all students to engage in an extensive community service project. Students are also encouraged to participate in school-related activities such as athletics, school-sponsored clubs, and student governance. Additionally, the school offers the opportunity to extend learning beyond the classroom via field trips, internships, and independent study. Pacific Collegiate School is committed to providing a social environment that values inclusivity and diversity, and the faculty and staff are committed to ensuring that every student feels valued and respected.


Inspiring Creativity.

Pacific Collegiate School recognizes the importance of the Visual and Performing Arts as creative disciplines that embody a wealth of universal ideas, values, emotions, and technologies that are integral parts of our civilization. The Visual and Performing Arts program of Pacific Collegiate School is based upon the concept that the arts are an essential component of a complete education and a requirement for cultural literacy. In concert with the international focus of Pacific Collegiate School, the Visual and Performing Arts program incorporates the contributions of diverse cultural traditions across many time periods and encompasses Visual Arts, Theater Arts, and Music.


Science Classroom (1)

Our world is amazing! Our goals are to create fun and exciting classes that will provide life-long learning skills while simultaneously instilling a love and appreciation for our unique planet and beyond. Our teachers provide real and personal examples of their particular fields which allow students to make connections from the course material to things that are important to their world. Through the understanding of major scientific concepts, hands-on laboratory exercises, and discussions about current research, we feel comfortable that students will be able to discuss current issues about biology, chemistry, and physics. Further, our courses provide the framework that will allow all students to succeed in college and to make thoughtful and informative decisions that affect their individual and collective future.

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